The Li5 API acts like a glue that connects UMAs, Episodes and Channels to build fresh video experiences. It is a simple and powerful RESTful API that talks in json.


Media API allows you to upload content that will be later attached to your Universal Media Assets. It is designed to support large files uploading in a multipart scheme.

We provide three 3 endpoints for media uploading:

  • Start: initiate an uploading “session” and receive some parameters to customize the result.
  • Transfer: upload each part of your large media file in subsequents transfers.
  • Finish: ends the upload session and processes your contents to get the final media.


The Assets API allows you to create UMAs, you can then attach your previously uploaded media to them.

When creating a media asset you can define a label, a list of tags, an url with extra content related to your media, a list of channels on which this asset will be available and of course set the media you want to attach to it.