These five-to-fifteen minute tours get you acquainted with Programmable Video and more. We recommend you to get familiar with some useful concepts that will provide you all the flexibility and simplicity you need.

Key concepts

UMA: An Universal Media Asset is a container and minimal media unit that Li5 uses to organize and track pieces of content [videos, images, html, metadata, tags and more] under an account.

Story: A Story is a ephemeral Universal Media Asset. It’s a particular use case where you set an UMA an expiration date.

Episode: An Episode is a collection of UMAs. You can create an episode and schedule it to be delivered on certain dates. You can also share it as a static collection of media.

Channel: Like on TV you can broadcast your scheduled episodes to your audience. Channels allows you to organize your UMAs and Stories to better fit content to your audience.

By combining them in a smooth way [Episodes and/or Channels and/or Stories) you can cover virtually any use case.

That’s it, now you need to distribute your content. For this purpose we make available the Discover endpoint to which you can query any of your contents with the Universal ID.

Universal ID: Every UMA, Episode and Channels is identified by an UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). All you have to do in order to share your content is append the UUID to the discover url.

For instance, given an Episode UUID like this: f900b61f-b992-11e7-8eab-02c4a53c1e24, then your Discover URL will be: https://www.li5.com/watch/f900b61f-b992-11e7-8eab-02c4a53c1e24


For a more seamless experience you try out our ready-made JS Plugin. Also we have plugins for iOS and Android.